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Mya and Juliette
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Mya and Juliette

Juliette and Mya (white dress) smile lovingly at each other before they start making out. The girls kiss passionately and deeply as Juliette works her way to second base with Mya. She bares Mya's pert little boobs and sucks her already-hard nipples. Then Mya lowers Juliette's top and gropes and sucks her large breasts. The girls sit together on an ottoman, and Juliette masturbates Mya while kissing her. Juliette spreads Mya's pussy and inserts one and then two fingers and finger fucks her while Mya strokes her clitoris. Then Juliette dives into Mya's pussy, eating and fingering her. She then withdraws her fingers while continuing her licking of Mya's pussy like crazy, bringing her to orgasm. The girls then do some passionate kissing, savoring Mya's juices together. Next Juliette stands with one foot on the ottoman, towering over Mya who licks her pussy from below. She then lies back on the ottoman, and Mya dives into her pussy using her tongue. Mya inserts two fingers into Juliette's pussy while rapidly stroking Juliette's clit. Mya then licks Juliette's ass hole, and while stroking Juliette's clit, she inserts two fingers into Juliette's ass. Mya licks Juliette while fingering her ass, and then she withdraws one of her fingers and inserts it into Juliette's pussy, while keeping the other one in her ass hole. She then slides that finger back into Juliette's ass, and she furiously licks and sucks Juliette's pussy while finger fucking her in the ass with two fingers, bringing Juliette to an intense orgasm. The girls then embrace and kiss passionately once more.

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